Ishq E Mehram Pdf Complete Novel By Umm E Omama

Forced Marriage Based Novel by Urdu “Ishq E Mehram Pdf Complete Novel Complete By Umm E Omama”. Urdu Best Novel of Romantic and Social issue written by Umm E Omama. Umm E Omama is famous for love stories, after marriage, age difference, cousin marriage novels. Readers like to read her Love Story Based Novels because of unique writing technique.

In the Urdu Literature different types of Novels available on social media as per interest of readers. Discover Romantic Urdu Novels list Categories Based complete PDF format for readers available on Boldnovels website. Bold Heroine Based Urdu Novels, Cruel Hero Based Urdu Novels, Childhood Nikah Based Urdu Novels. The Writer Umm E Omama is very talented and has the ability to use soft words in Urdu Novels. She writes All Time Favorite Romance Novels, Extreme Romantic Urdu Novels.

Ishq E Mehram is a love story about a girl involved in love after a forced marriage due to family problems in the village. This is the best urdu kitab of Urdu literature. “Aira, what is this?” looking at Aira. She was taking her suit out of her bag, and turned towards him. “what’s up”. What is this in bag.

“I had ordered them from Mutasim Lala. Amma Sain had already told me that we were going for a walk, so I asked her to order the clothes of my choice for you. I did not know. where we were going. Ordered both cold and warm clothes” she was proudly telling about her achievement. While the scholar now understood the reason for his brotherhood with his mentor.

“You know I don’t wear all that.”

“Yes, I will not let you wear kameez and shalwar here. You will have to wear these. I have never seen you in these clothes,” he said, taking out a white shirt and dark blue jeans from the bag and placing them on the bed. stood up.

“Where are you going” “bath”. “I’ll go”. “I’ll go”. “Aira I will go”.

Saying “I will go to Aalam” she hurriedly ran towards the washroom when Aalam took her hand and laid her on the bed and entered the washroom himself. “Alam Shah” He angrily knocked on the door of the washroom but got no response from inside. While inwardly Alam continued to laugh at his actions for how long

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Read all Ishq E Mehram Pdf Complete Novel By Umm E Omama

Novel NameIshq E Mehram
Writer Umm E Omama
CategoryVillage based , Haveli based , Force marriage based , Doctor based , Cousin marriage based , Innocent heroin based , Family based ,
Novel StatusComplete Urdu Novel
Download StatusYes it is available in complete PDF format
Pdf Size4.5 MB

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