Dargah e Ishq Romantic Complete Novel By S Marwa Mirza

Love Story Based Novel “Dargah e Ishq Romantic Complete Novel By S Marwa Mirza”. Best hot and bold Urdu novels pdf free download and Social issue based written by S Marwa Mirza. S Marwa Mirza is famous for after marriage, love stories, age difference, cousin marriage novels. Readers like to read her Love Story and hot and bold Urdu Novels because of unique writing technique.

In the Urdu Literature different types of Novels available on social media as per interest of readers. Find Romantic Urdu Novels list Categories Based complete PDF format for readers available on Boldnovels website. Urdu novels romantic lines, classic Urdu romantic novels, Childhood Nikah Based Urdu Novels. The Writer S Marwa Mirza is very talented and has the ability to use soft words in Urdu Novels. She writes All Time Favorite Hot and Romance Novels, Extreme Romantic Urdu Novels.

Emotional Romantic Urdu Novels Summary

Dargah e Ishq is a love story about a spiritual girl involved in love with a man. This is the best Urdu book (kitab) of Urdu literature. Love Story start from….

The center of the distant twinkling lights was someone special today. After the applause, the regular chanting phase had started. Like every year, this year too she was shining like a star with the Student of the Year award in her hands. Such achievements now gave him only a faint smile at most. Because she was no ordinary girl. “Zale Murad” who was counted in every category of today’s era. And she always learned to be on top. From school to college and from college to the beating of many hearts who did not even see such people in line to talk to him.

At one time, Ramana was satisfied with the appearance. gambling . Who claimed to tie the stars with her. She, who was very proud of her intelligence, beauty and ego, came out with the Ivar Dahath as soon as Sarmini was over. Many people were reluctant to catch a glimpse of “Zale Murad”. But she had crossed the corridor measuring the speed of her steps. Today she was out of her typical jeans t-shirt. The charming Haseena of any movie. She was sitting in the car while eluding the guards. The wives “It was a very old habit of escaping after every great joy.

This is the “Dargah Ishq” in which there were immense types of Ishq. Someone had love for Allah. And some are servants of Allah. This world is just a temple. Where everyone is in some kind of love. By force There is love. Someone from his duty. No verse is different, but this door is only for lovers.

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Novel NameDargah e Ishq
Writer S Marwa Mirza
CategoryLatest Complete Novels, Romantic Novels, very romantic Urdu novels, full hot romantic Urdu novels,
Novel StatusComplete Urdu Novel
Download StatusYes it is available in complete PDF format
Pdf Size3.5 MB

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