Khooni Science Daan Horror or Suspense Story

Top Suspense Story Khooni Science Daan by Ishtiaq Ahmed. This is Best Horror Story in Urdu. Shocking revelations take place in this story. This is a story of revenge. This story is full of horror and suspense. If you are fond of reading suspenseful stories, then this story is a must read.

What you will get to read in this Horror story.

  • What was the reality of the mysterious house in the wilderness far from the city?
  • Who exactly was the bloody scientist and what was his intention?
  • Can a human be so poisonous that a bite can kill someone?
  • What was the relationship between the bloody scientist and the poisonous man?
  • A story of revenge that has been going on for generations.

Info About Khooni Science Daan Story.

Story NameKhooni Science Daan
WriterIshtiaq Ahmed
CategoryHorror, Suspense, Spy,
Story StatusComplete Urdu Story
Download StatusYes, Available for Download
Pdf Size9 Mb

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