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The Best Romance Novels Ishq Novel By Areej Shah Complete Free Download PDF. Romantic Novels Ishq Novel writer Areej Shah is a famous writer of Pakistani social media. Areej Shah writes novels in a very beautiful style. Because of the use of simple language, it is very popular with novel readers. she has written many best Urdu novels. Of whom cousin marriage, extreme romantic novels, forced marriage based, best Urdu novels, Urdu bold novels, and second marriage based.

What is the concept of Ishq?

Ishq is an Arabic word that means love. Love is mostly use in the Muslim Worlds and India. In Sufi poetry and Urdu literature, Ishq means self-fulfillment and burning in one’s love

What is the difference between mohabbat and ishq?

Mohabbat and Ishq may not have any difference, the meaning is the same. The word of love is use in India and Ishq and Mohabbat in Arab use is it. The story of Mohabbat, Pyaar and Ishq Urdu novels are very popular. And novel readers keep searching the stories of love and love on Google.


The meaning of love in simple words is feeling. which is transferred to Mohabbat.


After love, Mohabbat is the second stage. When there is love with someone . Then it becomes difficult to separate from the one who is loved. It becomes a close relationship with Piyaar. Deep and deep love.


Ishq is the last stage of love. There is a lot of love when you are with someone. You are always on the lookout for it. Don’t be separated from each other. Whether he loves you or not. You continue to love him. When the love becomes too much, it becomes Ishq.

How do you say ishq in English?

Ishq is an Urdu word, mostly used in Pakistan and India. Ishq in English is love. Which means highly romantic and supernatural love.

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Areej Shah Urdu novels PDF

Novel Name Ishq
WriterAreej Shah
Category bold romantic Urdu novels, Complete Novels, best novels, smutty novels,
Novel StatusComplete Urdu Novels
Download Status Yes, Available in PDF Free
Pdf Size2,7 MB

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